Do We All Vibrate at the Same Frequency?

There is at present on our planet, a great schism in belief regarding resonant frequency. There are those who believe that yes, we all vibrate to the same frequency, whether it is the vibrational rate of the heart chakra or the vibrational rate of the liver. And many of these are people who believe they have indeed figured out the vibrational rate of the various organs, other bodily parts and etheric fields have invented instruments, made tapes or created machines which will somehow project the correct resonant frequency back in to the body to heal what ails you. Some of these people also work with using the voice, either to determine what frequency needs to be added or as a means of creating the correct resonant frequency.

Then, there are others who believe that we are all unique vibratory beings; that the frequencies of our organs, bodily systems and chakras, may be different and are not the same. And some of these people have also invented instruments and will make tapes or create machines which will somehow determine what the correct resonant frequency for you is, and then have that sound device project this frequency. And many of these other people work specifically with the voice because they believe it is easiest and more effective at determining the correct resonant frequency and to project it into an imbalanced area.A45A7317-E6DB-4AE5-9CEC-A50B84453EAD.jpg

These are two main areas of contention in your sound healing arena today. I like to say that I am in the business of “Shifting Frequencies” and that if you believe you will resonant to only one frequency, you are not giving yourself the opportunity for vibratory change. I am among those who focus on the use of the voice as an instrument of transformation and I do this for several reasons. One reason in particular is that I have found the voice to be an extremely easy vehicle for effecting change in one’s vibratory rate or in the body and field of someone else. I (and my students work reinforces this) has found that the resonant sounds for different parts of the body and the chakras change and shift depending upon many parameters.

Do you believe you resonate to more than one frequency?

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10 Responses to “Do We All Vibrate at the Same Frequency?”

  1. Jim Atwell Says:

    I feel that humans have the capacity to change their fundamental frequency in their bodies. It is a matter of attunement through concentration. Your base note if you choose to believe it is Love. Other notes are harmonics of the base note of Love. To be perfectly honest I don’t think you could classify Love as a frequency as much as you could classify it as a consciousness that resonates within all frequencies. I feel that you can attune through meditation to any harmonic of Love through meditation. I think that frequencies in and of themselves are rather sterile energy patterns and need the consciousness of Love to make them active or alive. Sort of like a match is just a match until it is ignited and then it is fire.

  2. sherri selin Says:

    Do you believe the frequency from anger would be stronger then the frequency of love or vice versa?

  3. Jim Atwell Says:

    Sherri you are comparing emotions and not frequencies. I feel that the Devine emotion of Love transcends all other emotions. You can express either but you are subjugated to the feedback loop of your own creations. What you put out comes back to you. The same holds true when you do sound healing. The energy you put out comes back to you. If you put out anger; that is the emotion you are in Love with at that moment. It has a certain shelf life of its own simply because you gave it life. If you put out Love that is the emotion you choose to express at the moment. You decide which emotion is more conducive to your soul’s growth. I have found that Love is an emotion that resonates to the core of my being and has a longer shelf life of any other emotion.

  4. Jonathan Goldman Says:

    Sherri: Jim Atwell is so correct. In addition to what he wrote, I’d like to suggest that in terms of the proximity of the sound, if you shout or make some sound with the emotion of anger encoded on it, it does has the potential of doing some damage to the person you are shouting at. Loud and angry sounds can do that. Such sounds are upsetting to the person receiving the sound. That’s at close range. But otherwise, the energy of anger is weak.
    When we sound with the emotion of love, our hearts and brains come into a state of coherence and we are capable of generating an extraordinarily powerful electro-magnetic field that is able to resonate and interface with the field of the Earth. Through this we can co-create miracles together. Generating this field of love can positively affect those both near and afar. However, if one is in a state of anger, the field that is created is almost non-existent. The sounds we make in anger have very little ability to do anything except perhaps as Jim suggests. come back to the person who created these sounds. Love wins!

  5. sherri selin Says:

    My thoughts would be that emotions carry their own frequency as all things have a frequency or vibration. The frequency of anger often sounds louder in some cases but I would respectfully disagree that anger sounds have little ability. I think they do resonate with a frequency into our world and to others. One can almost feel the vibrations of a couple that have just had an argument. I was raised in a home with much anger and its power is not to be ignored but as you suggest the power behind the vibrations of love are much more healing and can undo the effects of anger, making it the strongest or highest vibration. As I have been on my own healing journey I have found that love can conquer many things but the effects of anger are a battle to be dealt with and if I have understood your post correctly my thoughts went to “there is an energy or vibration with anger “. If the power of love can transform then it makes sense to me that the opposite is also true. Thank you so much for responding.

  6. Jim Atwell Says:

    Sherri, I think what you are experiencing is the magnetization of consciousness. Or said in a different way emotions coupled with intent. Anger is often an emotion that is trying to hook the mind into responding emotionally. Where as Love is trying to hook the heart emotionally. If you stay in your mind you continue to respond intellectually / emotionally. If you move your thoughts into your heart, you do away with duality and merge into the emotion of Love. The mind can not think in singularities only the heart can. So when you move your consciousness into your heart the energy that is created in the arena of duality dissipates. The mind may remember the anger but it has the capacity to let it go in the patterns of forgiveness that come from the heart.

  7. Halcyon Says:

    What about people who are deaf and cannot hear or feel the vibration of sound? What’s more curious to me is how it is that one individual can resonate with another individual so completely but not with someone else. Attraction aside, what explains this type of resonance?

  8. Halcyon Says:

    I appreciate the comment by Jim about “duality”. It’s so true.

  9. Jim Atwell Says:

    Halcyon, this is actually many questions and you want a simple response to a complicated issue. Deafness is a condition of the auditory nervous system. Attraction is a condition of magnetic fields. Resonance is a condition of the human emotional body. Love awareness is a condition of the human emotional nervous system.
    Love itself is a condition of the soul consciousness.
    So to get to what appears to be your primary question?
    “What creates internal resonance”?
    The answer is all of the above.
    As with most things all realities are relative to not only the creator of the reality but also to the one experiencing it. It seems as if you are also trying to put an intellectual construct to an emotional response. In essence you are asking,
    Why is Love drawn to itself?
    To be honest, I haven’t a clue intellectually but I will venture to speculate.
    The Divine wants to know itself better in this thickness of reality. I feel that you are the Divine and choosing to learn as much as you can about Love and how it reacts at this density. You use the capacity of the human intellect and emotional bodies to understand what you are experiencing in this time continuum.
    Your consciousness has the capacity to transcend the limitations of the human form and experience many different realities while still in human form. With every experience out there you change the internal resonance of your human form. You create a different feedback loop for your human body experience. Hopefully you bring these experiences into your conscious mind so that it can interpret them and integrate them into your present understanding. Sometimes you just go out and bliss out in a meditation. When you do this and the human body has an experience it can’t relate too, it will try to recreate it in order for it to register on the human nervous system.
    Like minded individuals will be attracted to one another to share mutual experiences. Not only for personal validation but also to compare notes, so to speak, about realities that you both may have shared.
    To put it really simply, you are God experiencing this dimension with the limitations you have put upon yourself. You are learning how to not only express Love but to become Love in formlessness and Love in form.

    Much Love
    Jim Atwell

  10. Sanjay Pisharodi Says:

    What is your take on the mantra sounds of the Vedas? What is their frequency?

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