What are the Vibrational Rates of Your Chakras?

With regard to the chakras and its associated energy fields, we would like you to consider that in certain traditions for example, a mantra which is given an initiate will change as the initiate undergoes spiritual transformation. What sound worked to resonate a chakra at one level changes as the individual changes and another mantra is to be used at that time.

67EEFE48-3B5C-4C51-A21E-0DFA7AF69294.jpgI like to ask this question to audiences; “Do you think that your heart chakra vibrates at the same rate as the Dalia Lama or Mother Theresa?” It is a valid question. These are two highly developed beings whose heart chakras certainly seems to be quite open and loving. Do you believe that the frequency of their heart chakra, for example, is the same as all other beings on the planet? I am not giving you an answer. I am simply asking you to question it for yourself.

Regarding the vibrational rates of the chakras, as well as the bodily parts and systems, I remember a time when a student came up to me and told me that their root chakra resonated to the note “C”. I nodded my head and then asked: “Is this before or after meditation? Before or after food? And what sort of food would you be eating? Before or after your use the bathroom, have sex or a run around the block? It is my belief that all these factors and many more are able to affect our resonances.

This does not mean the question of vibrational rates is settled. I was once discussing my thoughts with an acquaintance, who is himself considered a great pioneer and researcher in this field of sound healing. This person told me, “If our chakras were to change their frequency, we would explode.” Perhaps he is correct. Or perhaps not. This man had created an extraordinary box which created a system relating sound, color, movement, smell and seemingly everything else in your known universe. It is perfect in its own way and I admire this person for having created it. But I suggested to this man that perhaps he has only created a box which is valid and real for him at this particular moment in time and space since we can create reality through our beliefs. And will this reality base not change as our belief systems change?

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One Response to “What are the Vibrational Rates of Your Chakras?”

  1. Jim Atwell Says:

    I think Love vibrates at the same rate in all individuals. It is just expressed at different rates on the earth plane due to the personal filters that exist in the human form. We are all gods in expression at this thickness of reality. Are you really looking for the lowest common denominator of Love so that you can fix it? Or are you looking for the frequency that love is expressed in the earth plane? There are many filters of consciousness that are imposed onto the primal force of Love. At every level of being the experience of Love is purely subjective and is processed through the nervous system of each individual differently.

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