Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer

“This CD is a keeper!  It is fun especially in as much as it actually works   Taking two sound technologies and combining them so that you are bathed in the sonics of both is a remarkable experience that indeed creates the harmonizing effect the title claims. This is a great recording.”                                 Greg Ozimek, phenomeNEWS

“This recording represents a new musical first –it simultaneously balances the chakras and brainwaves creating a harmonious listening experience that will improve any listener’s health and serenity.” Joanne Tedesco, Aznet News

“Upon my first experience with The Harmonizer all I could say was “Wow!”  There was such a shift of consciousness that I was drawn into a place beyond the linguistic analytic mind. The Harmonizer is groundbreaking in that it provides a tangible method for directly experiencing the dynamic inter-relationship with our chakras and our brain.” Jim Powell, AllSounds

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  1. shoshana wittenberg Says:

    I am looking forward to meet you Jonathan. The days are passing rather slow.I am confident that on the Seminar of Intensive Sound Healing hold 14-25 July I will receive my life’s gift.

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