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Chakra Harmonizer Special

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“Powerful….Timely!…CHAKRA FREQUENCIES leads us into a journey to the core of our most basic needs, and deepest beliefs. Through a rare fusion of timeless wisdom and spirituality, Jonathan & Andi Goldman describe how the healing power of sound unlocks the mystery of our interconnectiveness with all that is. In doing so they open the door to a new genre of conscious awareness and spiritual mastery. CHAKRA FREQUENCIES is essential to the library of anyone on the ‘Path!’”  - Gregg Braden

Dear Sound Friends,

As we enter into the third month of this auspicious year of 2012, we are inspired to observe more and more people beginning to meditate on the need for positive shifts on personal and planetary levels.  Now, more than ever, we wish to encourage awareness of the extraordinary power Sacred Sound  to orchestrate transformation and empowerment on your individual path and to enhance your work in the world.

In this spirit, we are offering two of our favorite creations at a special discount price. CHAKRA FREQUENCIES (Winner of the COVR Award for Best Alternative Health Book) guides you through potent exercises that will enable you to directly experience the many benefits of sound in your own Mind, Body, and Spirit. The CHAKRA/BRAINWAVE HARMONIZER CD provides a transformative sonic experience that simultaneously balances the chakras and the brainwaves for maximum synergistic effect.

When you order CHAKRA FREQUENCIES, you will receive the CHAKRA/BRAINWAVE HARMONIZER CD for half price!

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We hope that these offerings will serve as powerful tools to enhance your well being and activation through Sound!

As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet! As we heal the planet, we heal ourselves!

Harmonically Yours,

Andi & Jonathan Goldman

“CHAKRA FREQUENCIES provides a significant new approach to creating harmony and balance within us by using the power of sound. Blending ancient sound techniques with holistic counseling approaches, the book enables readers to experience the compassion so necessary for the evolution of our consciousness in today’s world.”Deepak Chopra



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